Because some flavors just don't mix.

Our goal is to enhance the experience of your favorite self-serve frozen yogurt.

FroYoVider© offers the opportunity to have several frozen yogurt flavors at one time without them touching.

Now, it's possible to get 2, 3 or even 6 flavors in one cup.


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How Does FroYoVider© Work?

Enjoying up to six flavors of frozen yogurt at one time couldn't be more simple! Place a single FroYoVider© card inside a yogurt cup to split it in half or in thirds. Add a second FroYoVider© to make four, five or six compartments. Can't Decide? Divide!

Customer Comments

My favorite frozen yogurt shop now has Froyoviders for their cups! I made four awesome froyo concoctions. Yes, I regretted it shortly after finishing it all. But I finished! – Carrie from South Carolina

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#FroYoVider changed my life today! – via Instagram

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So this frozen yogurt place has dividers so your flavors don't have to touch!!! – via Twitter

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Featured on Fro-Yo Girl Speaks.

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